Technical Diving International (TDI) was formed in 1994 by some of diving’s most experienced instructors. The aim was to bring technical diving applications to a wider audience. TDI courses and training materials have become known as the best in the industry with the most professional resources available. Most importantly, they have the best safety record of all training agencies and have become the largest, specialised dive agency in the world.

TDI instructors maintain the highest levels of professionalism, standards and quality instruction. This ensures that certification is earned so that students walk away proud and competent technical divers.

Course Structure

In anticipation of your course, you will be requested to undertake some self-study prior to your initial classroom session. This self-study, whether in the form of a manual with knowledge reviews or e-learning, will set the groundwork for your learning experience. Regardless of the chosen method, a theory lesson will be conducted, marking the commencement of your training journey.

Theory, class, and equipment sessions are always conducted before advancing to any confined or open water training. Throughout the entire process, you will consistently be trained to the highest possible standards. This commitment remains unwavering, irrespective of the duration required for completion. Emphasising the importance of thorough preparation, we ensure that theory and practical aspects are covered comprehensively to instill confidence and competency.

Central to our approach during any of our TDI courses is the provision of extra course dives and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. These elements are key in developing comfort and competency, facilitating the retention of acquired knowledge. We firmly believe in the significance of meticulous training both in and out of the water, adhering to proper procedures to the best of our ability. In essence, our commitment to excellence ensures a comprehensive and personalised learning experience tailored to your individual needs


  • Nitrox ½ day
  • Intro to Tech 3 days
  • Sidemount 3 days
  • Advanced Nitrox 40m 3/4 days
  • Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures 45m 6/7 days
  • Deco Procedures 45m 3/4 days
  • Helitrox 45m 3/4 days
  • Extended Range 55m 3/4 days
  • Trimix 60m 3/4 days
  • Advanced Trimix 80m 5 days or 100m 7 days