Will Goodman

Will Goodman developed a passion for diving when he learnt to dive in Cornwall in the UK. He was quickly hooked by the abundance of shipwrecks along the south coast and developed an interest in technical diving. By 2005 he became a TDI Advanced Trimix technical diving instructor and CCR diver.

Will has been based on the Gili Islands in Indonesia for 15 years managing Blue Marlin Dive Tech and spent 6 seasons as trip director of a Komodo liveaboard. He currently has over 6000 logged dives, 4500 of which are technical dives and 3000 of those are on CCR. In 2005, 2008 and 2010, he set the Guinness World Records for the longest open saltwater scuba dive. The longest being just over 48 hours.

Will has been actively teaching CCR since 2009 and In 2011 he began teaching the JJ-CCR. Since then he has accumulated over 2000 hours on the unit in a variety of demanding conditions and environments. In 2013 he became an Instructor Trainer for TDI at all levels.

In 2014 after 2 years of research and training, Will and his team set the world record for the deepest dive on an unmodified CCR taking his JJ to 290m without incident. He then presented his findings as a speaker to an international audience at ADEX 2014.

will-goodman jj CCR