What is Expedition Training?

Expedition level CCR training is designed for those wishing to plan and conduct dives deeper than 100m.  Due to technological advances, technical divers now have more deep wrecks, walls and caves available to explore than ever before. However, there is no formal training below 100m so divers maybe unaware of the perils of diving sub 100. HPNS, ICD and increased breathing gas density now become very real risks. Because of this, support crews are needed and the ability to comfortably manage the extra equipment needed to execute the dives safely.

The purpose of the course is to work and train with you physically and mentally, in and out of the water.  We will develop your knowledge so that you are fully aware of the considerations and technical support needed when planning dives deeper than 100m.

Theory Sessions Include:

  • Deeper Understanding of HPNS
  • ICD Avoidance
  • Team Support Roles and Selection
  • Advanced Dive Planning
  • Personal Training and Fitness Assesment
  • Equipment Configuration
  • Review of Emergency Protocol and Team Bailout
  • Dynamic Dive Plans
  • What if Scenarios

In Water Sessions Include:

  • Skills and Assessment Dives
  • Personalised Technique Coaching
  • O2 and Diluent Consumption Dives
  • Diluent Selection and Switching Techniques
  • Descent + Variable Ascent Speeds
  • Wing Inflation and Back up O2 Protocol
  • Multiple Failures and Task Loading
  • Onboard Gas Lost
  • OC Gas Lost
  • Loss of Buoyancy Techniques (no dry suit).
  • Electronics Failure
  • Scrubber Failure


  • Minimum age 21
  • Have minimum 2 years experience diving CCR
  • Proof of 250 logged CCR dives, 50 in the last 12 months on the specific unit to be used
  • Certification as a TDI Advanced Mixed Gas Diver or equivalent from agencies recognised by TDI
  • Provide proof of at least 50 logged Advanced Mixed Gas CCR dives and 50 CCR dives in the last 12 months.
  • Have proof of at least 10 CCR dives to 100m
Course Duration

10 days 12 Dives

Price: £200 per day, excludes gas, lime and equipment.