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Providing gold standard technical diver training whilst offering unique tech diving travel opportunities.

About Black Water Tek

Our mission at Black Water Tek is to provide gold standard technical diver training and travel opportunities. We do this by exceeding the minimum training requirements on all of our courses and by teaching students to the highest possible standards. Because we actively promote a healthy mindset, teamwork and physical exercise, students are well informed and prepared before starting.

We aim to provide unique travel itineraries to world class destinations and offer exciting exploration opportunities so that technical divers can put their skills into practice. All technical divers are welcome regardless of gender, race, training organisation or certification level. At Black Water Tek, we work, train, dive and travel as a team.

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TDI instructor courses indonesia

Training Locations

Most courses in Indonesia are taught on Gili Trawangan out of the pioneering Blue Marlin Dive, but can also be taught in Bali upon request. Both Locations have fantastic reputations and amazing technical diving sites with very easy logistics to support diving and training.

Courses are also taught at Lagoona Divers (formerly known as the world renowned Team Blue Immersion) facility in Dahab, Egypt. They are known for their safety record, knowledge of all diving systems, professionalism, logistical ease and quality of service.

Because distance is a factor when planning your training we can also come to you. If you are limited on time, or travel is not possible or financially viable for you or your group let us know.

Black Water Tek

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Will Goodman


Will is an award winning TDI Instructor Trainer who teaches the full range of TDI open and closed circuit courses from beginner to Instructor level. He has been teaching technical divers for 17 years and has held several diving world records. Most notably a dive to 290m on the JJ-CCR. Records aside, Will is better known for his teaching ability and being able to pass on his knowledge and skills to his students.

Our Affiliates

Our main affiliation in Indonesia is with Blue Marlin Dive Tech where Will helped set up and manage for many years. They have a dedicated tech boat and crew, air conditioned tech room, and a full range of rental equipment ranging from CCR hire to stage rigging and regs. The dive shop is located on Gili Trawangan which is a favourite amongst all kinds of travellers due to quality of restaurants, beaches and in particular the spectacular dive sites and marine life.


We are very proud to be affiliated with Lagoona Divers (formerly Team Blue Immersion) for conducting open circuit and CCR training. The facility provides a superb standard of equipment rental, tanks, sofnolime, equipment servicing, accommodation and transfers. Facilities are clean, well maintained and have dedicated tech rooms for academics and equipment set up. Lagoona Dive is located 15 minutes away from the central part of town on its own private beach with amazing views of the bay and mountains. Click here to read my blog on our November 2021 trip to assess Andy and Kerstin’s new Facility. There are plenty of restaurants, things to do and places to relax and explore on non diving days.

We are delighted to be partnered with Bob and the crew from Shakti over the next couple of years. They are one of the first Raja Ampat liveaboards, meaning that we can offer a truly unique itinerary for technical divers in this phenomenal part of the world.

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